Presentation of the Estonian Large Family Association (Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liit) and their Large Family Card


Being a mother is a PLUS. Video made by the Basque Large Families Association (Spain)

How wonderful is it to have many children! A short film produced by the German Large Families Association.


Family feast organized by the Italian Large Family Association in Rome

What whould have been of our history without large families? By the Basque Large Families Association (Spain)


Dear governors: children from large families asking politicians. By the Basque Large Families Association (Spain)

Why the family? By the Basque Large Families Association (Spain)


Portuguese large families hymn

This is the presentation video of The Spanish Large Families Federation (FEFN)


Presentation of the Portuguese Large Families Association

Cada día, al salir del colegio, Pablo, Miren, Alex y Hugo van a buscar a sus padres al trabajo...


Presentation of the Italian Large Families Association