New book in Italy: Generating the future. Essays on birth rates and demographic winter

With the participation of the Italian Large Families Association (ANFN)

We are in a moment in which demography is once again of great interest in the projects and analyzes of the political world.

After many years, academic analyzes are finally being placed at the basis of important reflections and decisions, now that the risks associated with the birth rate decline and the demographic winter for our country are becoming ever more concrete.

In bookstores these days there is a text that collects the interventions of the conference which was held on March 29th, born from the collaboration between Anfn and the chair of demography of the department of political and international sciences of the University of Siena.

The topics addressed in the volume are of extreme interest.


In the first part, specific interventions by Buccianti, Coricelli and Moroni outline the current situation of our country with respect to the economic consequences, on the pension, social security and tax systems…

The loss of perspective and hope about the future has caused, in recent decades, a “demographic trap”, well described by Buccianti’s intervention, rich in national and local data.

The effects of this decadence are now beginning to impact the national social and economic fabric, when the remedies are no longer within reach and require widespread awareness and assumption of responsibility.

The country’s well-being is seriously endangered by a demographic pyramid that is aging and dampening the drive for development and growth, called into question by a low indicator of “social capital”, which is difficult to recover due to recent transformations in values ​​and culture ( Coricelli).

In this, Anfn has been and continues to be a bulwark of voices of alarm, as Moroni recounts in his speech, in which he illustrates some small but great battles faced by the association – all aimed at bringing the economic and fiscal difficulties of the large families – who often cannot imagine how discriminated against and penalized they are for the same income.


In the second part, very varied interventions delve into the demographic phenomenon described in the first part from a social point of view, ranging from the analysis of the Manzonian family to Chinese demographic policy, from the analysis of demographic aging to the depopulation of villages, etc.

The common thread that unites all the interventions and is summarized in the title is the awareness of the need to adopt all-round policies in favor of the family and in particular policies in favor of large families who are often unfairly penalized – in contrast with a principle of equity which now it should even be reversed in their favor, so that the Italian population does not decline further.

The choice to host this conference in the university context was made with a view to raising students’ awareness of a very important aspect of the country’s future, and with this spirit this text was printed, hoping to provide good scientific support for the identification of future areas of intervention.

Generating the future. Essays on the birth rate and demographic winter
by C. Buccianti (ed.)

Description of the book

The topics addressed in the Sienese conference of 29 March 2023 on demography and family, of which we present the proceedings, are of extreme interest and relevance. The volume is divided into two parts: in the first, in addition to the introduction by Dr. Rita Picchianti, we find the three invited talks by Cinzia Buccianti, Fabrizio Coricelli and Paolo Moroni; in the second, some free interventions, whose themes range from the analysis of the Manzonian family to Chinese demographic policy, from the study of demographic aging to the problem of the depopulation of small villages. Therefore, past and present demographic and social issues of the utmost importance are addressed, especially when the current birth rate situation is placed at the center of attention which, today more than yesterday.

Essays by Cinzia Buccianti, Fabrizio Coricelli, Paolo Moroni*, Lucia Bastianini, Sara Bensi, Martina Semboloni, Luca Vitiello, Rossano Tacconi, Alessia Pizzolato, Giulio Guerrini Teucci. Rita Picchianti* and Donato Sacino* “sewed” the conference interventions.

*Belonging to Anfn

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