New project of Obitelji 3Plus (Croatia): “Parenting skills for healthy families”

Croatian Large Families Association „Obitelji 3plus”, with the support of the City of Zagreb, organizes and implements the project “Parenting skills for healthy families”, which aims to empower families from the city of Zagreb area to preserve and improve health of all family members.

Through the project we will organize several educational trainings where parents with children of different age groups, under trainer guidance, will show how we can exercise in different life situations – at home and in the park, with an emphasis on the role the benefits of being in nature play for a healthy psychomotor development of children.

Creating a healthy family environment is becoming a real challenge, with multiple children families finding it increasingly difficult to provide exercise time. To contribute the empowerment of parents, we recognized many everyday situations, like being with children on the playground, at home and in nature, which, with the necessary knowledge and handy props from regular life, can be used for customized and fun exercise which all family members can benefit from. Video materials of recorded training sessions will be available to all parents on the YouTube channel and the Association’s social networks.

New section on our website: 3plus STORIES

Together with our members, we want to create new stories and share a touch of 3plus life with the world through our new section 3plus STORIES.

The lives of large families are rich and demanding at the same time. Every new life writes its own story and creates a new reality. Our desire is to bring real stories from the lives of large families, share useful information with our members and inspire them to take some new steps.

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