Spain: Large Families demand to consider income per capita in any economic cases to avoid penalizing their households

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has asked the Government and all the organization of the public administration to take into consideration the income "per capita" in any established economic measure, to avoid penalizing these homes, in which any adjustment or trimming has a mayor impact.

The FEFN reminds that considering income "per capita" is the only fair way to state the economic situation of citizens, since it determines the real income on account of the number of people being part of the same family unit and depending on the same income.

In this sense, and as a result of the recently introduced economic measures of the Government, the President of the FEFN, Eva Holgado, points at the fact that "removing the Christmas bonus does not have the same effect on an official with 4 children than on one without children", especially because it is not an isolated measure; grants have been abolished, allowance and benefits have been reduced or eliminated, the VAT has been raised... In this situation, imposing "one size fits all" measures without considering the economic status and number of children, prejudices families with more children. Eva Holgado says that " these families are the ones that can help to overcome the crisis, both in short and long terms, first by their level of consumption, and second, by ensuring generational change, offsetting a very low birth rate that places us in a worrying demographic crisis. "

The FEFN has launched a campaign on social networks (Twitter: #rentapercapitaYA) to gather together opinions of the citizens, who has already expressed their displeasure and concern about the effect of the recently introduced reductions on many families. The organization is aware that the serious economic situation requires tough acting that must be applied to all citizens, but measures must be imposed fairly. Without taking into consideration the impact on households by their economic situation, income per capita, these measures will worsen the situation of those who already suffer hardships as the families with children, especially large families.