Portugal: Collaboration to establish Siblings Day in Europe

In the Protocol signed yesterday, on 11th of May 2015 between the Portuguese Association of Large Families (APFN) and the Confederation of Trade and Services of Portugal (CCP), both institutions have undertaken the initiative of the broad dissemination to create on May 31 the annual “Siblings day”, recognizing this as “a warm family celebration in its horizontality and – strictly speaking the word – fraternity”.

Presidents of both institutions Rita Mendes Correira (APFN) and João  Vieira Lopes (CCP), and the Vice-President of the CCP Vasco de Mello attended the ceremony, where it was stressed “the importance of the initiative in the promotion of family and brotherhood” as well as in “the happiness of children”.  

The CCP will disclose the initiative among all of its associated members, with the intention that they also spread it among its customers. The CCP also engages on creating the dynamic to celebrate May 31 as “Siblings day”.

A public European petition to create the Siblings Day is already in progress, implemented by the APFN and supported by ELFAC (European Confederation of Large Families). The proposal to choose 31st of May for this celebration relates to the fact that the month of May is a month traditionally dedicated to Family (Mother´s Day on the first Sunday of May, and the International Family Day on May 15th).

In Europe, a day for the celebration of brothers and sisters doesn’t exist yet.