Spain: Large Families worried about being excluded

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (Federación Española de Familias Numerosas - FEFN) has received with great concern the decision of the Supreme Court (TS) that overrides the Royal Decree regulating the granting of subsidies to social organizations state-wide. The judgement of TS gives reason to the Generalitat of Catalonia, which appealed against the decree quoted alleging invasion of powers by the State in the allocation of funds to social institutions.

The FEFN wants to show their rejection and opposition to this decision of the High Court which affects hundreds of organizations who perform social work in different environments supporting many groups including children, families and the disabled, and that includes, above all, people who are in situations of great vulnerability. As the President of the FEFN states, this organizations are "social organizations that develop an irreplaceable social function"; and they develop a very extensive work ranging from information and advice to various groups about their rights, to support people in need with the management of soup kitchens, patient care, literacy programs, help in finding employment for unemployed with difficulties, etc.

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN), one of the entities affected by the decision of the Supreme, joins many other NGOs that have showed their concern about the third sector´s survival and “the possible loss of the very important labour this entities carry on attending thousands of people in need: families with few resources, people in risk of social exclusion, people who suffer from sickness, children in special situations…”, points out the President of the FEFN, Eva Holgado.

The FEFN considers the Supremes’ decision unreasonable by endangering “a social labour which real value cannot be calculated; if this entities stop receiving the subsidy in order to maintain their structure, they will not be able to develop their labour and the affected will be all the people in need”, adds the President.  

The family entity has on going conversations with other affected associations and organizations, besides the government, in order to try to find a way to solve the problem presented after the TS´s judgement.