Portugal: 35 Municipalities distinguished by good practices on family policies

On 2nd October of 2012 there have been revealed  the thirty-five Portuguese municipalities awarded the title "Family Responsible Municipality 2012" .

This recognition results from a nationwide survey in which 103 municipalities responded (29 more than last edition).  This is a initiative organized by The Portuguese Association of Large Families in collaboration with local authorities.  In the survey there were analyzed the family policies of municipalities in ten areas: support for maternity and paternity; support to families with special needs, basic services, education and training, housing and town planning, transportation, health, culture, sport, leisure and free time, cooperation, institutional relations and social participation, and other initiatives. There were also considered good practices those in which local authorities offered reconciliation between work and family to their government employees.

"Today more than ever, the politics of family support are essential. In the crisis we are experiencing, in the difficult days in which we live and which will worsen, family networks provide a cushion against  the effects of unemployment, loss of housing, impoverishment. The family support policies more effective, are the proximity", says Margarida Neto, member of the Observatory. "That's the challenge that Local Authorities increasingly face. Being conscious and attentive to real problems  is what gives them  more capacity to intervene. This award is to highlight best practices. And that recognition, the ability to encourage others". Concludes.

Each county winner will be given the green flag of the 'Family Responsible Municipality 2012' at a ceremony which will be held on 24th October at 17h at the National Auditorium Cities in Coimbra.

The data collected through the surveys are available on the website of the Observatory in

Here you can see the photo-album giving the flags to the cities the 24th of October.