Spain: Historic change for large families

The Government of Spain has finally approved that the status of large family will be maintained by a family with 3 or more children until the legal age will be reached by the the youngest kid. Up to now, a family was loosing the status when the oldest child reached 21 years (or 26 if studying). For a long time Spanish Federation of Large Families was pointin out that unfair situatuin, when younger children cannot enjoy the same rights as their older siblings.


Good times have come to Large families. The Government approved on 16th July 2015 permanently extended the large family status, a measure that the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) spent years fighting for and that will maintain Large Family‚Äôs social benefits until the last child reaches the age stipulated in the Act (21 or 26 if they are studying).


Thanks to the work of the FEFN, who had spent years suing this issue, the discrimination that younger siblings in Large Families have suffered historically will end. So far younger siblings have been unable to enjoy the same benefits that their older siblings did, like scholarships or tuition discounts. With the approval of this measure all the children of large families are equal in rights and will benefit from their status as children of large families despite that his siblings are already out of the title because of reaching certain age.


"Today is a very important day for large families because it brings justice to all our young children, who have lost all benefits when they should have equal rights," stressed the President of the FEFN, Eva Holgado, who considered that this achievement is also important in the history of the Spanish Federation of Large Families, because the organization has helped to make this possible. "It is proven that our work has paid off; we were able to present to the government a reality that had no sense and get them to act upon it and change the policy."


This measure will have a positive effect on 562.000 Large Families, although the first beneficiaries will be the families whose firstborn will be soon 21 or 26 if they are studying. At that age, the child will leave the title, but the rest of the family will maintain the status of Large Family, so that younger siblings can access economic and social and will be able to have the same opportunities their older siblings had.