European conference "Families beyond borders" organized by COFACE

Millions of families have their family members spread in different countries and live a family life that is inevitably influenced by this transnationality. Separation or distance can be for short periods or longer ones, some will go back to their home country, others will bring their family members through family reunification, others will settle in a new country and form their families in a different place from where their family of origin is. Reasons behind that are multiple, and each family has its own. However, poverty and difficult life conditions, climate change and wars are for sure on the top of the list. When living in hardship, looking for a better life and future for children becomes a powerful trigger for migration. The"migration process”, however, do not end with the arrival in the new country because families continue having their relationships and dynamics, although differently, from a distance, transnationally.

Europe is, in these months, facing one of the most serious migration and refugee crisis of his recent history and this needs coherent, rapid and systemic responses. The influx and movement of people to and across Europe will not stop once this crisis will be over. On the contrary, we can only expect a growth in the number of families that will live, for or against their choice, separately and transnationally.

In this conference, jointly organised by COFACE and the Bulgarian Center of Women's Studies and Policies, we will look at transnational family life and discuss with researches, practitioners and policy makers about causes, consequences and challenges. We will focus on mobile workers and economic and labour migrants from EU neighbouring countries and on two growing segments, the youngsters looking for opportunities abroad and carers who move, often alone, to care for the elderly in other EU countries leaving their families in their country of origin. 

Call for presentations (Deadline 25 September)

In order to facilitate a truly European platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge, and to contribute to the development of new partnerships, a major part of the conference will be organised in workshops where participants, in smaller groups, will be able to interact and discuss in a more direct way about a specific topic.

We are, therefore, inviting researchers, NGOs, local authorities and all interested stakeholders that wish to present their work in one of the workshops to submit a proposal for a presentation, by filling the following form.


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Source: Coface