Germany: New position paper to improve living conditions of large families

The German Association of Large Families (KRFD) welcomes the position paper of the CDU parliamentary factions of Baden-Württemberg, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz formulating demands for an independent family policy for large families. Dr. Elisabeth Müller, the President of KRFD, recognizes the need of the commitment of the factions, both at the federal and state level to improve the situation of large families. "The principles set out in the position paper recommendations are mostly reflecting our demands: to improve the living conditions of large families. The initiatives focus on the areas of family benefits, housing for children and facilitate social participation, which are steps in the right direction. We are particularly pleased that the large families are perceived as an independent target group of family policies", said Dr. Muller.

The joint position paper of the CDU parliamentary factions of Baden-Württemberg, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz is already known through publications in various media (see FAZ online from 08.10.2015 "More money for families with many children"). It defines large families as those with three and more children. Starting from a realistic look at the benefits, points out also special challenges of the large family model organizations. It recommends that families with many children should be treated separately in the head of unit and department responsibilities of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs (BMFSFJ) and to take into account policies focused on large families that will strengthen their position. For the country's political level, the position paper contains recommendations with respect to a particular consideration of large families in government-subsidized housing, the supply of family admission tickets for leisure and cultural activities in sponsorship of the countries which do not limit the number of children a family, and the encouragement of local authorities, for example,  fees for daycare by the number of children of the family.

"In its current form, this position paper proposes already a large arc through the topics that are important: large families represent 1.2 million families in Germany”, said Dr. Elisabeth Müller. "However, some areas still needs to be clarified, e.g.  family benefit supplement from the third child. We hope that the proposals will be supported not only by other CDU parliamentary factions, but also cross-parties "said Dr. Müller.