Germany: 2nd Family Congress of the German Large Families Association (KRFD)

„Families support the future“: it was the headline of the 2. Family Congress of German Large Families Association (KRFD) in Cologne that took place on 14th November 2015, in cooperation with Karl Kübel Foundation for Children and Family. Dr. Elisabeth Müller (Chairwoman of KRFD) and Daniela Kobelt Neuhaus (Member of the board of Karl Kübel Foundation) opened the Congress. Both of them affirmed that they are very glad about this cooperation. „Today we come together, to strengthen the voice of families with many children – and to reassure the families to fulfil their desire to have more children“, said Müller.

Kobelt Neuhaus quoted the raiser of the foundation Karl Kübel: „Children are most important in our society – they are the future“. The mayor Hans-Werner Bartsch (CDU) brought best regards from the ill Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker (neutral). The federal Minister for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), Manuela Schwesig (SPD) sent short greetings, expressing her support for the congress.

The following speakers had been invited: Dr. Martin Bujard, Head of Department „Family and Fertiliy) of the Federal Institute for Population Research and jurist Dr. Jürgen Borcher, as well as Martin Patzelt, MdB as panel member. Alexandra von Wengersky and Dr. Tanja Waldeck of KRFD moderated the discussions.

A special highlight of the meeting was the Fair Family-Award, that was given to the Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong. Müller said „ Families with many children need reliable cars to moderate prices.“ „Large families have a huge cruising radius and have to transport many things. That is not possible without a car“, she resumed in her laudation.

About 140 adults and children, politicians also from federal and European level as well as representatives of the media joined the Congress, that was supported by BMFSFJ. The association KRFD thanks Nestlé for its support of the Congress.