ELFAC launches a webpage to fight with injustice among children

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) launches a webpage to fight with injustice among children

25% - the highest VAT rate in Europe applied on baby diapers.  21.000.000 - the number of children aged 0-3 in Europe . These data are now available on the webpage that has been launched by the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) on 20th November on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day to fight with injustice and defend children’s basic rights. Opening the website is a second step in the international campaign “Lower VAT on nappies” led by ELFAC that aims at lowering the value added tax on baby care products which currently in many countries are treated equally as luxury goods.

Although the final price depends on the baby's age and brand of diapers, an average expense on this product for each child in family is estimated to be 60 euros per month, an amount that must be spent during at least first two years of the baby’s life. In case of large families (three and more children) or those with multiple births, the cost rises drastically reaching even 150€ per month and being extended throughout the years. All this spent by parents for baby diapers only. Bringing attention of the public to the problem is crucial to raise the awareness of the harmful consequences it causes: baby care products are the matter of child’s health and this isn’t a privilege but a fundamental right of each person.

For this reason, ELFAC created a separate website that together with special hashtag #lowerVATnappiesNOW allows each person and entity to join the campaign and help to obtain the necessary change. Individuals can freely use the hashtag and the flagship image of the initiative, while public bodies, NGOs and other entities are welcomed to officially endorse the campaign by submitting a short form. The final step of the project will be to submit a petition to instances of the European Union with the request of presenting the case to the Council of Economic and Financial Affairs of the EU. 

The campaign “Lower VAT on nappies” begun on 1st June 2015 and is endorsed by ELFAC member associations of large families from 20 European countries that have spent years demanding a change. They consider unacceptable that baby diapers, a product that is essential for newborns and affects their health, are burdened with the highest VAT rate equal to cosmetics, jewellery or travels, being included into the category of luxury goods.