"Large families: a spring to come after the demographic winter"

On 4th and 5th November in Budapest took place Demographic Forum “Families in the focus” organized by the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary. In the event participated the President of ELFAC, Laszlo Marki, the General Secretary, Raul Sanchez, and the Project Officer, Iwona Sztajner.

During the event hosted by Katalin Novak, Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, invited speakers and guests had the opportunity to discuss the European demographic trends, already introduced regulations and applied measures and possible initiatives, in order to give proper answers to achieve a long-term sustainable demographic change, as the basic condition for social persistence and development.

In his speech in the panel “Demography and the family”, Raul Sanchez pointed out the importance of large families as a long-term solution for demographical problems. He underlined that in Europe suffering from very low fertility rate (1,4 per woman), large families are the spring to come after the demographic winter and that it’s extremely important to create family friendly policies that would support these families. These issues were also repeated by Laszlo Marki, who spoke in the panel “Demography and economy” and explained the relation between these two matters.

The Budapest Demographic Forum was organized in order to discuss family-related issues which are necessary for the solution of the aforementioned problems and the realization of the goals. These issues are: founding a family; removing barriers to having children; the reconciliation of family, private life and work; the promotion of balance and responsibility sharing between women and men; the improvement of the institutions supporting families; encouraging intergenerational cooperation; and the joint effort of local communities to enhance well-being of families. In the event participated also representatives from Associations of Large Families from Hungary, Latvia and Poland.