ELFAC calls European Commission for European Large Family Card

European Commission has recently opened a consultation on common values, rights and democratic participation. The initiative gives the opportunity to share opinion and experience on matters relating to rights as an EU citizen as well as on what more the European Commission could do to make life easier when exercising EU rights.

For these reason, ELFAC decided to take part in the survey and point out the position of large families in Europe that in many cases suffer from social exclusion or unfair policies. The consultation marks that as a national of an EU country, one is also a citizen of the European Union. This gives a number of important rights such as to travel and live anywhere in the EU and not to be discriminated against on the basis of your nationality. Since there’s no official document that would recognize a status of a large family internationally, these basic rights are currently being broken. A family with three or more children cannot enjoy the same benefits or exemptions when being abroad which puts her in disadvantaged position comparing to the locals.  

With this, ELFAC hopes to bring the attention of the European Commission to the problem which is a lack of official document that would internationally recognize the status of a large family and entitlements related to it. Introducing the European Large Family Card is the priority of the Confederation and it should now become a common goal.

This public consultation is aimed at all EU citizens, organisations and other stakeholders interested in advancing EU citizenship and has been prepared in order to to safeguard and strengthen one’s rights. It is open till 4th December and can be responded by each interested individual or entity by clicking here.