Spain: higher pensions for parents of large families

Women workers that have had at least two children and that will retire since 1 of January will receive higher pensions due to the maternity complement that has been recently approved by the Spanish Government. The increase in the amount is to support these women who decided not to give up on having children, but at the same time develop their career. The recent pension's reform grants for each woman a complement on her pension of 5% for those who have had two children; 10% with three children and 15% with four or more children, starting from 2016.

In addition, Spanish families can now enjoy another benefit: mothers that decided to stay at home with their children will get special bonus with their pension as if they had worked 164 days more per each child. The amount will be extended to 270 days per child up to 2018.

This measure respond to a demand promoted by the Spanish Large Families Federation, that claims for workers who have had children some compensation in their retirement, specially taking into account that they have contributed to the society, in many times in detriment of his professional life. In the last years Spain has approved other important measures for families such as extending the status of large family until the last child turns 21 or 26 years; including a family-impact report in future laws and regulations before their approval, full exemption from fees applied on issuing and renewal of ID cards and passports for large families, discounts up to 3.000 € for large families buying a vehicle of more than 5 seats; maintenance of the "electric bonus" for large families, which gives a special discount for the electricity bill; and the implementation of "family checks" and for large families fiscal deductions on personal income tax: 1200€ In case of having 3 and  children, 2400€ for families with 5 children and more. This money can be received in advance in monthly payments.