The Greek Association of Large Families visits the Prime Minister

On December, 31st 2015, the choir and the Executive Bureau of the Supreme Confederation of the Multi-Child Parents of Greece (ASPE) visited the Prime Minister to sing the traditional carols of the New Year’s Eve. 

The Prime Minister and his close colleagues were very pleased to listen to the children and distributed to them a Christmas-decorated cup. The members of the Executive Bureau of the Confederation grasped the opportunity to talk to the PM for the need of pro-family measures to be taken in the light of the declining demographic situation in Greece, where deaths have far outweighed births in 2015, for the first time in the modern Greece’s history. Moreover, particular mention was given to the needs of the multi-child (four or more children) families who have been disproportionally hit by the fiscal crisis and the heavy taxes imposed on them. 

ASPE wished that 2016 will bring better times for large families and family friendly policies.