News from FamiliesAndSocieties Project

The think tank of FamiliesAndSocieties Project has presented new working papers, articles and a book about social changes in Europe, all of them available on the official project’s website.

The relationship between families with children and vulnerability has been investigated by Monika Mynarska, Bernhard Riederer, Ina Jaschinski, Desiree Krivanek, Gerda Neyer and Livia Oláh in their working paper  “Vulnerability of families with children:  Major risks, future challenges and policy recommendations”. The study employs qualitative methodology to investigate what challenges for social policy might appear in the future, given different economic and cultural developments. First, the researchers explored what types of families are considered as vulnerable. Next, they discussed various factors and drivers that are likely to affect the situation of such families in the future. Finally, they investigated what policy measures might be crucial to prevent the “reproduction of vulnerability” within families.

When it comes down to children living in nuclear families and those being in joint physical custody, a study has been done and the results are presented in the article: “Psychological complaints among children in joint physical custody and other family types: Considering parental factors”. This study investigates the psychological complaints of children in joint physical custody in comparison to children in sole parental care and nuclear families, while controlling for socioeconomic differences and parental ill-health. Data were obtained from Statistics Sweden’s yearly Survey of Living Conditions 2007–2011 and child supplements with children 10–18 years, living in households of adult participants.

All working papers published so far can be found here.

The articles are available here.

To read more about the book “Out of Time: The Consequences of Non-standard Employment Schedules for Family Cohesion”, please click here.