Third Annual Stakeholder Seminar of FamiliesAndSocieties in Brussels

On Tuesday 26th of January the Third Annual FamiliesAndSocieties Stakeholder Seminar took place in Brussels. The event was organized by Population Europe, the network of Europe’s leading demographic research centres, in cooperation with the FamiliesAndSocieties project, the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the European Economic and Social Committee.

The title of the seminar was: “Intergenerational linkages in the family: How policies shape the organisation of caring and financial responsibilities for family members”. Experts from research, policy and NGOs discussed in a confidential atmosphere the most recent findings on topics such as how laws and policies shape gendered interdependencies in families, how transfers to old parents might require a policy response to family and labour market change, and how intergenerational relations and welfare provision work in a crisis-stricken country.

ELFAC, represented by Iwona Sztajner, Project Officer, as one of the partners of the FamiliesAndSocieties Project, participated in the event.