Portugal: Special offers for the Siblings Day

For the third consecutive year, we celebrate Brothers and sisters day on May, 31th. This day was established by ELFAC, in 2014, to commemorate the special bond between brothers and sisters. Siblings are our first friends, our allies, they challenge us every day, we grow up together, side by side, living adventures and creating memories that last a lifetime.

In Portugal, APFN – Portuguese Large Families Association – established many partnerships this year, including supermarkets, radio stations, transports companies, municipalities and other entities to give more visibility to this date and therefore to have more people  celebrate the unique relationship between siblings. There will be posters on every train in Lisbon and siblings will be able to benefit from a 25% discount on daily tickets. The actions on supermarkets and radio will help us get to more people, by explaining why it is so important to celebrate this date. The leader of national coffee market in Portugal, Delta, also joined us and produced 5 million sugar packets on a special edition related to Brothers and Sisters day.

We invite everyone to join us in this celebration on May, 31th, wherever you may be and send us your video saying where are you going to celebrate brothers and sisters day, like these people did (see link here). 

For more information and to support the initiative please go to (Available in 6 different languages)