New publications from FamiliesAndSocieties Team

The team of FamiliesAndSocieties has published new working papers and digests. All of them are now available at Project’s website.

The 52nd working paper written by Teresa Martín-García, Marta Seiz and Teresa Castro-Martín finds an answer to the question “Women’s and men’s education and partnership formation: Does the field of education matter?” Using data from the GGS, this study explores the effect of field of education on first union formation for women and men born since the 1960s in Norway, Austria, Belgium and Poland. The findings suggest that the field of study reflects unobserved value orientations but also different degrees of opportunities in the labour market. The inclusion of this covariate contributes thus to nuancing and expanding our understanding of how education influences family formation.

The three digests, produced by Population Europe, are considering recently very important issues: caring for older parents, sharing parental leave and the influence of the child’s age on his/her continuous promotion throughout primary education. The articles are not only interesting, but also present surprising results.

Click here to access the working papers.

To read the digests, click here.