Elfac and join forces to promote cultural exchanges between European families

Via Families, a company that has a collaboration agreement with Elfac, launches this summer a promotion to promote cultural exchanges and international education between large families. In this agreement offers free registration for the 2,000 first large families (members of a ELFAC large families association) who register on their platform, through which they can contact other families to manage a possible exchange of any of its members.

When the families register on the platform, they should indicate that they are members of a large families association integrated in ELFAC. Once Vía Families confirm with Elfac that the family is a member, in their profile will appear the logo of Elfac. From that moment they can contact other large families. When they had to pay for the exchange it will appear "0 ", that is, free registration.

In addition, the first hundred families who contact other family and get an exchange / invitation / trip of one or more of their members (the help will be for the first family to contact) will receive a 200 euros for financial assistance. The requirements are: The exchange /trip has to be held this summer (2017), before September 30; family has to make a fun, creative and short videoclip with the host family showing the Vía Families logo. The family will have to answer a small questionnaire and certify the trip (for example with a copy of the travel tickets).

With this initiative, Via Families wants to support large families and encourage cultural exchanges between European families.