10th International Conference organized by ASPE, the Greek Large Families Association

In October 7-8 2017, ASPE, the Supreme Confederation of Multi-child Parents of Greece, an active member of ELFAC, organized successfully its 10th international conference entitled: “The demographic collapse of Greece: an invisible genocide”.

Speakers were coming from all the political parties of Greece (Parliamentary or not), Members of the Greek and the European Parliament, academics, scientists, researchers. The international dimension was given by the presence of the President of ELFAC Mr L. Marki, the video speech of the President of COFACE – Families Europe Mrs Annemie Driskens and the representatives from POP, Cyprus (also a member of ELFAC).

The audience was made up of representatives of ASPE’s member organizations from all over the country as well as from Cyprus, University teachers and students, journalists and general public interested in the topic, more than 300 people in total. Many aspects of family policies were discussed in the light of their absence due to the fiscal crisis in Greece and the need to exclude family support measures from austerity packages, because the results are catastrophic in terms of their impact on the population in general, the families and the large/mult-child families more specifically.

The problems, special needs and rights of large family were discussed, since they have been neglected during the last decade, with profound catastrophic results on the demographic indices of the country, who is facing the worst demographic crisis in its last 100 years.

The President of ELFAC Dr. Laszlo Marki gave a very informative speech on best practice of family policies in Hungary, Poland and Spain, who show the road towards effective family policies that escalate benefits in relation to the number of children in a family; he also explained the role of ELFAC in today’s Europe.

The poster is showing the percentages of the Greek population per age group showing the aging of the society the tremendous shrinking of the number of children and births

More photos and information here (in Greek)