Szczecin (Poland) hosted the General Assembly of ELFAC

On June 1, 2018 it was held in Szczecin (Poland) the ordinary General Assembly of ELFAC.

During the Assembly took place the election of the Board. The president, Laszlo Marki, announced his decision to not remain in the Board after beeing part of it from the foundation of ELFAC in 2004. Maria Regina Maroncelli, from the Italian Large Families Association, was elected new president. Laszlo Marki was recognized unanimously as Honorary President. The other elected members of the Board are Elisabeth Müller (Germany, as vicepresident); Raul Sanchez (Spain, as executive secretary general and treasurer), Kormosné Debreceni Zsuzsa (Hungary), Joao Oliveira (Portugal), Radoslaw Waszkiewicz (Poland), Leonids Mucenieks (Latvia) and Dimitra Ines-Aggeli (Greece).

The Assembly approved the report of activitites and important projects for this year, as the European Large Family Card, the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities, the 2nd. European Survey on Large Families or the European Large Family Award of the Year 2018.

The Assembly welcomed the new Croatian Association of Large Families and encorauged the Board to extend the large families movement to new European countries.

Next country to host the General Assembly will be Italy in 2019. Hungary presented its candidature to host the next European Conference in 2020 and it was approved unanimously by the Assembly.