On July 1-3, the 10th National Congress of Polish Large Families will be held in Wadowice

This year’s motto of the meeting is “ Do not be afraid. There is a family! ”. The first part of the formulation was taken from the words of John Paul II of October 22, 1978, delivered at the beginning of the pontificate in St. Peter in Rome.

By Trzy Plus (Large Families Association of Poland)

Karol Wojtyła was born in Wadowice, he was brought up here and here he shaped his system of values ​​by observing his mother, father and older brother. The parents showed young Karol with their own lives what, or actually Who, was the most important. They taught the future Pope to love God, to respect work and other people. All this meant that several decades later Karol Wojtyła was proclaimed a great saint of the Catholic Church.And in July, we will be walking the streets where little Karol and his family also walked … We want to soak up this place, bring us closer to those times and the atmosphere of the 20s and 30s, so now we invite you to search for costumes or props from the period and takes them to the Congress. 

We invite you to Wadowice on the jubilee, for the Association of Big Families, anniversaries: the 15th anniversary of the founding of our Association and the 10th anniversary of Big Families Meetings. We would also like to ask at this point, through the intercession of John Paul II, for protection over all Polish families.

As every year, we prepare a rich program for you. Children and teenagers will be able to take advantage of various workshops, and adults will talk about the current socio-economic situation of large families. On Saturday evening there will be a concert in the market square, in front of the basilica. We hope that the open formula of the evening will allow us to integrate even more and show the beauty of parenthood.

We also invite guests from Ukraine who live among large families to the Big Families Reunion.

Additional information on the Reunion of Large Families can be found at  zjazd.3plus.pl . 

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