Participation of Elisabeth Mueller, vice president of ELFAC, in the official observance of the International Day of Families in United Nations

As part of the preparations for the thirtieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, 2024 (IYF+30), the 2023 in-person observance of the International Day of Families focused on the megatrend of demographic change and its impact on families. 

For the first time since ELFAC granted consultative status in United Nations in June 2021, a representative of the organization was invited to take part in the official observance of the International Day of Families, bringing the voice of all large families of the world to this important event. Elisabeth Mueller, vice-president of ELFAC and president of the Large Families Association of Germany KRFD, was in charge to comment the 2023 theme on families and demographic change, and to introduce the Civil Society Declaration for IYF+30, together with the representatives of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) and of the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI).

Family is the cornerstone of our society. “The challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have shown the importance of strong families and stable social networks to support/support us through difficult times,” Müller said.

“It’s therefore our duty to ensure families receive the resources and support they need to fulfill their vital role in our society. By investing in family-strengthening programs and recognizing the role of the family in a strong society, we can create a better future for our children and all of our future.”

Greetings from large families associations

Previously to the event in United Nations, some representatives of large families associations met online to send their greetings on the occasion of the International Day of Families. After that, they were following live the official observance in United Nations. In this video you can watch this meeting and the complete event from United Nations (we apologize because due to technical problems the voice of the presenter, our secretary general Raul Sanchez, was off).

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