Poland: Conference on Family and public consultations on the housing voucher

On May 29 the conference “Church – State – Civil Society at the Service of Families in Poland” was held. A representative of the Association of Large Families Three Plus, was invited to participate in the conference.

The conference consisted of two sessions. The first one “The Church and theological sciences in the service of the family” focused on theological and pastoral considerations, the second concerned the practice – “Activities of the state and civil society for families in Poland”. 

A representative of the Association of Large Families Three Plus, the coordinator of social activities from Lublin – Bożena Pietras, was also invited to participate in the panel. Together with her, Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, and Katarzyna Fus – the director of MOPR in Lublin, also talked about the practical aspects of supporting families. 

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, emphasized the importance of the family, while announcing the creation of a separate scientific discipline – family studies. He noted that the contemporary crisis of the family results from departing from the truth about the family. He also emphasized the need to promote the family and marriage, the more so as it is the family that should educate for responsibilities. 

Bożena Pietras, our representative, talked about the role of non-governmental organizations in the process of supporting families in Poland. In her speech, she presented the Three Plus Large Families Association, its structure and indicated the actions taken by the Association for large families. 

The Three Plus Large Families Association also took part in public consultations on the new mechanism of financial support for families in satisfying their housing needs in the form of a housing voucher. The proposed regulation is part of the “Polish Deal” program.

The meeting organized by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology took place online on May 28 this year. The Three Plus Large Families Association was represented by: Łukasz Wojdak, vice-president of the board and Judyta Kruk, press spokesman for ZDR. Our experts, representatives of the housing group – Michał Wydra and prof. Marek Kośna. 

During the meeting, participants could listen to the proposed detailed solutions regarding the housing voucher. The Three Plus Large Families Association undertook to provide the Ministry with their research on the housing situation of large families. The family voucher program takes into account large families and they hope to introduce mechanisms that will also enable their group to benefit from the program. They will continue their cooperation with the Ministry so that the social capital of large families is supported and appreciated.

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