Polish Large Families Association ‘3plus’ have prepared a social campaign promoting big families

Children are changing the world… For the better one! – a unique social advertisement promoting big families!

What does breakfast in a big family taste like?  Are there more colds, bricks on the floor and plants on the window sills in big families? Do parents of a cheerful bunch still have time to go into the wild blue yonder and have time only for each other and themselves?

Large Families Association 3plus in Poland have prepared a social campaign promoting big families, whose everyday life is, on the one hand, very usual, but exceptional on the other one. The message of the campaign is a heartwarming, emotional but also full of humor 45-second video of life in a big family about a busy morning routine, extraordinary parents’ skills, challenges, but also about  daily surprises and common moments which later shape family memories.

The keynote of the campaign are words: “Children are changing my world!… For the better one!”, which is supposed to be the question to each of us, parents:  How have children changed our world? What has changed since we strarted a family? How have children rearranged our life? The question is also an invitation to the reflection about our daily routine since we have been experiencing it with our offspring, who bring a totally different pace to our lives.

Each parent experiences their parenthood differently. That is why the questions asked in this campaign are going to be various: for the crazier, unpredictable, the happiest… but each time, however, the change will be for BETTER.

(Film subtitles’script)

When your life turns upside down,
You juggle with much bigger knack,
You balance on the rope.
Every day life may surprise you,
But you are still you.
My children are changing my world! For the better one!

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