Polish Large Families Association held its 9th. National Convention

The 9th Plein-air Nationwide Convention of Large Families took place in Poland in Warsaw between 25th-26th June, 2021.

This year motto was: “Family: Tradition, Investment, Future”. The event was aimed to underline the role of cultural heritage in upbringing and shaping future generations, that is why the families had been asked to bring folk clothes.

The most important part was socioeconomic panel concerning current family policy pointing to the most important needs and problems of big families in Poland. The Minister of Family and Social Policy and President’s consultant, among others, gave speeches and took the floor in the dicussion.

During the meeting were handed the statuettes, which honoured the activities in favour of families both in the field of business and social.

The families could take part in 18 workshops and free sightseeing of chosen city attactions. Accomodation and meals were provided for the participants.

Because of Covid-19 restriction 84 families with 25 children under 3 years old from all over Poland took part in the event.

Click here to watch the video of the conference (in Polish)

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