Political changes for families in Germany: The work of the Association of Large Families KRFD

First of all, Verband kinderreicher Familien Deutschland e. V. (KRFD) is happy to celebrate its 12th anniversary this year. Another year of focusing on large families by giving them a voice in the political landscape, always trying to improve the situation for them.

In Germany, some political changes were made to improve the life of families and children. Some of these changes were implemented thanks to the work of the KRFD. It is important to stay active and present in order to strengthen the rights and opportunities for families, especially with three or more children.

Child allowance adjusted

Since the beginning of 2023, the child allowance has adjusted to 250€ per month for every child. Compared to last year, the first and second child now gets 31€ more each month, the third one 25€. As the child allowance has not been raised for further children, the increase is not helpful for families with more than three children. That is why the KRFD is highly critical of withdrawing the old scale.

New funding for home ownership for families to come

The German Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Building, Klara Geywitz, announced a new funding for home ownership as of June. Compared to the subsidy for home building which was based on the number of children, this funding should not be given as a grant but as a low-interest loan. Families with an annual income of up to 60,000€ plus 10,000€ per child qualify for this funding. The 300 million € of this program are considerably lower than the old subsidy for home building (9 bn €). It will be interesting to see if this meets the needs of the families regarding the current costs for home building.

Child sickness benefit: enhanced claim continues

The enhanced claim for child sickness benefits – 30 days per parent and child (max. 65) or 60 days for single parents (max. 130) respectively – is also valid this year. Up to April 7th, it is possible for parents in statutory health insurance to apply for child sickness benefit if they have to take care of their children at home due to reasons of infection protection.

Law for health care proxy changed

As of January 1st, married persons have automatically been authorized to act as health care proxy in emergencies. Doctors are released from their duty of confidentiality towards the spouse. The health care proxy is valid for up to six months in case that one spouse is not able to make his or her own decision because of medical reasons. It is possible for everyone to object this law in advance.

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