Portugal: APFN Family Month – May

Portuguese families and especially the large ones in the last year gave proof of their value and capacity to overcome so the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) decided to celebrate the month of the family – May, with its associates.

The campaign kicked off with several giveaways celebrating Mother’s Day; the International Family Day and the brothers and sisters day. Many partners joined the APFN in the celebration of May – the month of the family and offered associated families gift cards; zoo entrances; movie tickets and weekend stays at hotels for the whole family.

Closing the month of the Family, the 31st of May brings with it a day of great significance for all families, the brothers and sisters Day. APFN celebrated this date with the release of a special image, that heads this news.

“If you want to see a child happy, give him a sibling. If you want to see a very happy child very, give him many siblings.” This motto, issued by the founder and first president of the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) and the European Confederation of Large Families, Fernando Ribeiro e Castro, still contains the essence of what it is to celebrate life with brothers and sisters.

APFN wants to be each time closer to the families and will continue to work so that Portuguese families are able to have and raise the children they dreamed of in their life project.

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