Portugal: APFN requests specific housing program for families with dependent children

Recently, and given the particularly fragile conditions of large Portuguese families with regard to housing, the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) sent the Government and Parliament a package of measures in which it asked for the creation of a specific housing program for families with dependent children.

The measures to be adopted must take into account the per capita income of families and housing adjusted to the size of the household, without which there is no justice and Portuguese families are penalized, especially the larger ones. The APFN also drew attention to the fact that large Portuguese families have particular difficulty in accessing credit, given that the rules of the Bank of Portugal consider the effort rate to be too high. Therefore, it is urgent to find other measures to fill this gap.

It is also necessary that, for renting purposes, a higher effort rate (resulting from an adverse relationship between incomes and people to be supported), results in increased support for access to them and not their impossibility.

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