Portugal: Campaign to Count all Children

We tell stories like the Portuguese state counts children

By Associação Portuguesa Famílias Numerosas

In the year in which it celebrates 25 years of life, the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) launches a communication campaign entitled “We tell stories as the state tells children”, the motto of the campaign only asks that each child can be seen and considered as what it is: a child. One child must be worth one! A citizen!

The campaign is developed on the webpage ‘A child is worth a child’ – www.umfilhovaleum.org and has its own space where it presents concrete cases of the lack of fairness in most state budget policies, which for the most part, only account for the income of the couple, or the individual, without taking into account the dependents who live in the same house. Is it fair for a family without children to deduct as much as a family with children? And when will an IRS correction be fair according to dependent dependents?

The APFN asks each child to count and count the same, which is not the case. If your family is affected by a situation where the child has not been counted, or are only partially taken into account, you can fill out the injustice report form.

On the platform, there is also space for the political parties to comment on the issues launched in this campaign.

Embrace this challenge with APFN and learn about these and other specific cases at www.umfilhovaleum.org and help us spread awareness about the cause by sharing one of the posters.

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