Portugal: The APFN warns of serious economic insufficiency among large families

The Portuguese Association of Large Families calls on the government to ensure that the allocation of direct aid to families takes into account the number of household members, including all dependents, in order to provide an effective response to the problems of extreme need, which particularly affect the largest families.

The extension of the 60 euro per family allowance, in itself positive, does not respond to the situations of greatest need, as it does not take into account the number of people in the respective family, and must be modulated to be effective.

The latest data on poverty and social exclusion (INE, data published in 2021) reveal that, in Portugal, almost 40% of families composed of two adults and three or more children are at risk of poverty, with large families being one of the most frequent targets. vulnerable to poverty and social exclusion.

In the circumstances we are going through, where there is a real loss of purchasing power, even more accentuated in the shopping basket, support is urgent and must reflect the different family realities, taking into account the number of people in the household, including dependants. .

The APFN has already informed the Prime Minister, António Costa, and the Minister of Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, of its concerns, hoping that the measure will be adjusted to meet the needs of the most deprived families.

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