The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) open a new area in ‘SOS Families’ for children going to University and moving from home

The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) has reformulated some of the areas in the SOS Families service

The online platform created to promote direct help among associated families was launched earlier this year and managed to achieve more than a hundred help situations among families.

The concept of SOS Families is to act as a shared information platform between the families THAT NEED HELP and the families that WISH TO HELP.

For families in need of help, SOS Families offers areas in which APFN members can integrate their requests, such as: Food Support and Essential goods; Leisure Time Support; Unemployment; Donation of other services; School and recently Universities was added.

Families who wish to help can do it with just one-click in the help requests in SOS Families.

At SOS Families, APFN members can also register to receive HELP request alerts. When a request comes in the selected area (s), the family that ‘wants to help’ will receive a notification and then will be able to decide if it will be able to help.

The online platform SOS Families is for the exclusive use of the APFN associates, who have access through the APFN website reserved area.

To preserve the exposure of families in need of support, or even those who wish to help, SOS Families allows that both use fictitious name (or anonymously), as well as it only provides the contact details which they choose to share (email or other).

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