Portuguese large families increase representation in the association APFN

The portuguese families and especially the large ones have, in recent years, given proof of their resilience and value. Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) wanted to celebrate the family month – May, with its members.

Many partners joined APFN to celebrate May – the month of the family, with specific actions, such as celebrate Mother’s Day; The International Day of the Family and the the Brothers and Sisters Day.

This year, APFN also celebrated Family Day, may 15th, with a campaign to attract members, registering the entry of 85 new families. This type of action makes known the work, mission and values ​​of the APFN, namely the social and economic recognition of large families for their special contribution to society, through the elimination of the multiple penalties to which they are subject and the creation of global conditions favorable to the renewal of generations.

Entering its 24 years of life, the APFN reached a new peak in the last year: 11 thousand member families, a growth of 39% compared to 2021. In 2022, around 118 new families joined the APFN each month.

The APFN intends, with its activity, to change mentalities and policies regarding the family and transform the current scenario of demographic winter, which, if not changed, will continue to lead to economic and social unsustainability in Portugal.

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