The President of the Croatian Association of Large Families “Obitelji 3plus” interviewed on the “Arguments” TV programme on demographic revitalisation

The strategy of demographic revitalization of the Republic of Croatia up to year 2033 was the topic of the show Argumenti on Monday, February 19. Can Croatia become a place of stimulating environment for families and young people? How to finally stop the negative trend of the loss of working age population? The guest of the show was also the president of the Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus“, Ph.D. Kristian Jambrošić.

There are 95,173 families with three or more children in Croatia, which is about 500,000 people living in such families. “The demographic strategy covers a lot of requirements that we, as an association relate to but a lot of things can be put on paper and it is another thing to see how things will work out in practice,” said the president of the Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus“, Ph.D. Kristian Jambrošić.

Placement of children in kindergartens is a topic that quite a few parents deal with because they cannot enroll their children into kindergartens. President Jambrošić stated our proposal that the state should try to subsidize kindergartens at the national level in the way that the school and high school system is organized.

“The first goal of the Strategy is to create a stimulating social environment, which is also one of the goals of our Association’s work. We were founded because we recognized that society does not recognize large families as an important stakeholder in society. We wanted to set an example of good practice, that large families exist and function and provide several benefits for society, parents of large families have treasures in their homes. We wanted to show that large families are not a problem but an important factor in society,” emphasized Jambrošić.

The obstacle that young parents face is the issue of housing, young people can hardly become independent and move away from their parents and buy a car for the family. The problem of finding apartments for families is growing, in addition to the fact that there are no apartments for large families and that people do not want to rent out to families, in addition, prices have risen. Young families can hardly afford independent housing, young families can hardly solve their housing situation without help at the state and local level.

He emphasized that the topic of family support has finally started to return to public space because it is important for young people to feel that they are supported from all sides. In the show, we could hear a lot of useful information and good practices from the employer, the director of Seyfor Croatia, Marko Šagi, and the head of the Demography and Youth Programs and Projects Department of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, Kornelija Bojanić. The editor of the show is Ivica Zadro.

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