President of ELFAC, Regina Maroncelli, and professor Maria Calvo win the Fighters for the Family 2024 awards

The awards will be presented on May 25 at a public event in Barcelona

This year’s International “Fighter for the Family” award goes to the Italian Maria Regina Maroncelli Florio, president since 2018 of ELFAC (European Large Families Confederation). During several years, she has also been an active member of the board of the Italian association of large families.

Natural and resident in Bergamo (Lombardy), she is a mother of four children, a freelance journalist specialized in sustainability and society.

ELFAC was founded in 2004 and represents nine million large families in Europe. Its achievements include the promotion of large family associations not only in Europe (now present in 24 European countries) but also in Latin America and Asia, the creation of the European network of Family-Friendly Municipalities and its consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social Committee).

María Calvo is, in Spain, one of the people with the best knowledge on issues related to the family, male and female identity, paternity and maternity, feminism, co-education or differentiated education, gender ideology and others. One aspect that she has developed is that of “equity” rather than male-female “equality.”

He has published several books and has given numerous lectures and videos on these subjects. She has also published other books related to her speciality in Administrative Law. She is a native of Madrid, is married and the mother of four children.

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