Province of Trento (Italy): Baby bonuses for large families and new incentives for young couples with children

A sort of 2023 baby bonus of up to EUR 5,000 for large families is on the way, as well as new incentives and subsidised mortgages for the purchase of a first home for young couples. A double contribution that will help increase the birth rate and repopulate some areas of the Autonomous Province.

On one hand, a one-off economic contribution of 5 thousand euros for families with more than two children, recognized upon arrival of the third or subsequent children. This is the measure that will be introduced on an experimental basis from 2023 by the Autonomous Province of Trento, aimed at supporting the creation of large families. In the belief, supported by the data, that it is precisely households with more than two children that are one of the resources to respond to the demographic winter. 

It is therefore a new “experimental measure for the years to come”, as the president of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, specified. The intent, continues Fugatti, is “to provide tools to encourage new births, facilitating, for example, the transition from the second to the third child, if this naturally falls within the life plans of families. We are in fact convinced – adds the president – that if we provide support to families to carry out their life projects in a favorable context, see the Family friendly initiative on which Trentino is leading the way, families respond favorably “.

And the role played by large families (technically those with three or more children) in recent years is testified by the data on their growth: they were 10.7% of the total in Trentino in 2010, they rose to 13.7% in 2020 and to 14.6% in 2021 (source Ispat), with an increase of almost one percentage point in one year. To make a comparison, at the national level it has gone from 10.3 to 10.4% (same figure in 2020 and 2021). Furthermore, the data show that in recent years families with one child have decreased (from 44.6% in 2010 to 38.5% in 2021), while families with two children have increased (in the same interval, from 44.7%). % to 46.9%). Numbers that testify that the policies for the birth rate, such as those promoted in the province of Trento, can have an impact.

On the other hand support for young couples to ‘promote the independence of young people between 18 and 40 and help them leave home’. In addition to the first home bonus active at a national level – on which the Meloni government is wondering about a possible extension – the Province of Trento has provided for the granting of a loan of up to 30,000 euro, with no allocation of the expenditure tied to it. At the birth of the first child, 15,000 euro will be disbursed, while at the birth of the second child the remaining debt will be cancelled.

As the general manager of the Agency for Social Cohesion of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Luciano Malfer, explained: ‘The aim was and is to get young people out of the house: in Italy people leave home on average at the age of 30 and the age of the mother at the first child is 31.3 years.’.

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