Trzy Plus association: Research on having many children in Poland

The subject of having many children in terms of the availability of data and scientific materials is very little developed in Poland. Therefore, the Large Families Association of Poland, has taken steps to collect and compile this information.

Inspired by the research carried out in Germany on the population of large families in 2019, the Large Families Association of Poland created a working group of scientists from various fields, which will prepare a report on the available knowledge about the population of large families in Poland.

This project, called “Families with many children in Poland and Germany, differences and similarities” will allow to collect information on the basis of which solutions for large families will be created. It is implemented from September 2020 to September 2021.

The first meeting of the working group was attended by:

  • prof. EU Marek Kośna, University of Economics in Wrocław
  • dr Małgorzata Bebel, Department of Mathematical Economics, Wrocław University of Economics
  • dr hab. Mariola Bieńko, Department of Family Studies and Social Pathology, Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw
  • Dr. Małgorzata Pawlus, Cardinal Wyszyński University, Institute of Political Sciences and Administration
  • Dr. Łukasz Tanaś Faculty of Psychology, SWPS in Warsaw
  • Aleksandra Januszewicz – the Association of Big Families 3 Plus

In the report, they focus on the interdisciplinary nature of research on large families in Poland – because they want the reality of large families to be described in the broadest possible perspective.

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