Romania: Conference dedicated to Tourism for large families

Within the Romanian Tourism Fair, it took place the conference with the theme “Family tourism”, organized by the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in partnership with ASFANU-Association of Large Families.

Specialists in the field of tourism discussed the challenges faced by families with 3 or more children when they want to spend a holiday in Romania, the development potential of this segment in national tourism and examples of good practices from European states that adopt child-friendly tourism for families.

According to the research provided by the Romanian Large Families Association, only 15 counties out of 41 have hospitality units that accomodate facilities adapted to the needs of families with 3 or more children. The most popular regions among large families tourism are Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Sibiu and Timis.

The coordinators and moderators of the event were university professor Dr. Gabriela Țigu, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Tourism, and associate professor Dr. Mihail Ovidiu Tănase, with the support of Incoming Romania, ASFANU – Association of Large Families, Tourism Press Club and FIJET and with a large participation of both students and the hospitality business environment.

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