Romania: The Association of Large Families (ASFANU) communicated to the Minister of Family the results of its study on Large Families

The Association of Large Families (ASFANU) approached together with the representatives of the ministry, a series of measures indicated by 300 large families in the ASFANU Study on large families as necessary to be implemented:- actions to combat discrimination based on the number of children;- support for talented children who come from large families and who have difficulty pursuing their passions due to costs that families with many children cannot afford;- deduction of education-related expenses from taxes paid by parents;- extension of the afterschool program at national level;- support measures for the purchase of a car with 7+ seats;- identification of facilities for early retirement mothers with 3 or more children.

On July 5, 2022, the Romanian Association of Large Families (ASFANU) informed the Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, Ms. Gabriela Firea about the results of the ASFANU Study on large families conducted between May 15 and June 15 2022. At this meeting, ASFANU came up with proposals for measures to support large families, following the model of many states in the European Union.

Another difficult issue faced by many parents in Romanian large families, which sometimes even leads to dropping out of work, is the difficulty of enrolling children in educational institutions, especially preschool. ASFANU’s proposal is to introduce a priority selection criterion for enrollment in nursery and kindergarten for children from large families.

The starting point in building and implementing these support measures for Romanian large families is that their needs to be included in a Large Families Law. A specific law could create the conditions for the creation of financial support mechanisms for large families, for example on the basis of a Card on which to benefit from discounts on food, cars, fuel, banking, education, clothing and footwear, insurance, tourism , restaurants, medical services, etc.

The implementation of the measures proposed by ASFANU is a real help for large families, but also a measure to stimulate the birth rate, making a model for large families and other families with children who could consider expanding the family if they receive the help they need.

The study

On the occasion of the International Family Day, Romanian Association of Large Families (ASFANU) launched a Study of families with 3 or more children in Romania. Through this study, the association aimed to create a general image of large families’ life realities for the Romanian society.

The study was conducted between May 15 and June 15, 2022 and 300 families with 3 or more children had the opportunity to express opinions and recommendations on the living conditions of their family. The study was based on an online questionnaire with 20 questions about social status, standard of living and the needs of large families in Romania.

The processing and publication of the data included in the questionnaire will be done by the end of July 2022, in the form of conclusions that will be presented to government institutions, the private sector and the press by the Romanian Association of Large Families. The study on large families in Romania is an important step of ASFANU – Association of Large Families – in the process of recognizing and supporting families with 3 or more children as one of the important carriers of general development and the future of Romanian society.

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