Secretary general of ELFAC delivered in Riga the European Large Family of the Year Award 2023

The event took place in the Riga Zoo in a festival for large families. The following day he met with representatives of the Riga City Council.

1 May, a public holiday throughout Europe, is the day chosen for the past three years by the Latvian Large Families‘ Union to celebrate Large Families’ Day, with a festive day at the Riga City Zoo. During the festival, the European Large Family of the Year Award was presented to the Ozoli family, winner of the 2023 edition, by Raúl Sánchez, secretary general of ELFAC.

The award was presented after performances during the morning of various children’s musical groups, competitions, etc., with hundreds of participating families from all over the country, as well as a large group of families who came from the association of large families in Tartu, Estonia. Interestingly, this group from Tartu included the winning family of the 2022 edition. It was the first time that two winning families of this award have met in person.

The following day, Raul Sanchez, together with the president and honorary president of the Latvian Large Families’ Union, Elina Treija and Leonids Mucenieks, met with the heads of the departments of development, social policy, education, tourism and international relations of the City of Riga. During the meeting, the situation of the city’s large families in local policies was discussed, and the city officials agreed on the participation of the city in the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities, promoted by ELFAC, as a way to share good practices and training in family policies.

The possibility of hosting ELFAC’s general assembly on 1 May next year will also be studied, as well as the organisation of events for families during those days, to which large families from ELFAC’s partner countries would also be invited.

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