Secretary general of ELFAC was in Costa Rica to help promote policies to support the birth rate and large families.

Costa Rica currently has a fertility rate of 1.23 children per woman.

Raul Sanchez was in Costa Rica from 5 to 12 November to set up the Costa Rican association of large families and to participate in various events to promote the development of family policies.

This is a brief summary of what was done during those days:

  • Participation for two days in the International Seminar of Families, organized by the Mexican branch of the World Congress of Families, with hundreds of attendees. Raul Sanchez was able to explain the experience in Europe with ‘family-friendly’ municipalities and participate in a panel on the causes of the demographic winter and what to do to reverse it.
  • Working session with mayors and municipal representatives on how to introduce the family as a focus of local policies, and to set up a national network of family-friendly municipalities in alliance with the European network promoted by ELFAC.
  • Participation in the Forum “Public Policies to Strengthen the Family” in the Legislative Assembly of the country, with deputies from different parties. Our secretary general was one of the signatarians, between members of the Parliament from different parties and other institutional representatives, of the ‘Declaration of San José for the Family’, in which a commitment is made to work with a family perspective in all laws and policies.
  • Meeting with the heads of universities and research institutes on family issues to promote cooperation in order to support family policies with evidence-based data.
  • Constitution of the Costa Rican association of large families to bring the needs of these households to the public agenda and give them the social recognition they deserve.
  • Session at the University of Costa Rica with young students on personal life projects and the difficulties of forming a new household and having children at a young age.

The Costa Rican association of large families is already the sixth largest in the Americas, along with Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay and Chile. We are currently in contact with families promoting new associations in Mexico and the United States. We hope to soon have a Federation of Large Families on that continent, in order to work together in international organisations, such as the United Nations.

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