Sixth Anniversary of the Croatian Large Families Association Obitelji 3 Plus

Guest appearance of the vice-president of the Croatian large families association “Obitelji 3plus“ in the Jutarnji List Briefing

By Obitelji 3 Plus

The vice-president of the Croatian Association Obitelji 3plus was a guest at the Jutarnji List Briefing, where, along with a lot of useful information, she emphasized some key measures and information for families in Croatia, especially for families with three or more children.

“Some parents hide from the employer that they have children, so the employer pays more tax so that at the end of the year, the parent himself reports his child to the Tax administration as a dependent member of the family and gets a tax refund. This happens because employers and workers in our country still most often agree on a net salary, not a gross amount,” points out Mostarčić, who proposed to the Ministry of Finance that children should be tax relief for both parents, and not just for one, so relief as a rule used by the parent with the higher salary. Her proposal was not accepted.

“If both parents can receive a tax-free gift allowance for the same child, why shouldn’t there be a tax break for both? The biggest demographic measure was an increase in maternity benefits, but this is too little. “In terms of the number of children born per woman, Croatia is below the EU average,” emphasizes Đurđica Mostarčić.

“I don’t think that people should be convinced to have more children, but if someone has decided to have children, then the Government should find a way to make it easier for them. For example, large cars are subject to higher taxes because they are luxury cars. However, a large family does not buy a seven-seater out of luxury, but out of necessity. Also, in Croatia, child allowance is a social measure, not the right of every child.

The Prime Minister recently announced that the number of months of service for women will increase for each child. Yes, but you must first qualify for retirement. Why shouldn’t those months be added to the seniority in advance? We don’t need to invent anything, because many countries, for example Hungary, have excellent conditions for families with more than three children and their number is growing, while in Croatia it is falling.

“In the past ten years, number of large families decreased from 112,000 to 95,000. In Hungary, a part of the housing loan is written off for each child the parents have. I talk to parents who have more children, and no one has decided to do so because the state gave them 100 EUR, but if they have already decided, society should honor it, that is, value it,” concludes Mostarčić.

The 3plus Family Association is celebrating its sixth birthday

Croatian large families association “Obitelji 3plus“ celebrated its sixth birthday. On January 13, 2018 the founding assembly of the Association was held, and in six years of activity we gathered almost 2,000 families in our association. Although the number of large families in Croatia is decreasing, we continue to advocate for a good future for families and children in Croatia.

Over the past 6 years, we have worked tirelessly to achieve our mission and support and bring together large families and contribute to the creation of better living conditions for families in Croatia, especially those with three or more children. Thanks to our membership, hardworking volunteers, businessmen and all the people who recognized the needs of 3 plus families, today we have a representative of large families in Croatia, we have and give voice to parents and children.

We have achieved many successes; we have gathered more than 100 companies that support and recognize the needs of the 3plus family. We organized round tables and participated in thematic sessions, held many meetings, and advocated for the rights and needs of families, especially large families. Thanks to the work of the European confederation of large families – ELFAC, we contributed to the promotion of 3plus families at the European level as well. We conducted and communicated several research on the needs of families, we educated and gathered parents and children, and through guest appearances in the media we communicated and promoted the beauty of life in large families. Thanks to our hard-working IT team, all our members have a Family Card (Obiteljska kartica) and all the news in the palm of their hand. There are countless hours of work behind us and even more ahead, we continue to work dedicatedly for the benefit of families with children, especially families with three or more children.

Guest appearance on Croatian Radiotelevision about amendments to the Child Allowance Act

“If the future is important to us, it is necessary to invest in young families and families with children. It is necessary to give up some expenses, it can be done, if you want, it is necessary at the level of the whole society, and especially the Ministry and the Government, to recognize: “Yes, it is important to us!” and then the child allowance is not an expense but something that is important to us, if we want
us to still be in Croatia in xy years”, emphasized the vice-president of the Croatian large families association Obitelji 3plus Đurđica Mostarčić, on Monday, January 29, 2024, in the show “Studio 4” on Croatian Radiotelevision.

On March 1st, changes for parents and guardians are coming, and they concern the right and amount of child benefit. About half a million children should receive an allowance in the amounts of 31, 40, 49, 55 and 62 euros, depending on the monthly income per household member, namely on March 1, 2024, the Act on Amendments to the Act on Child Allowance will enter into force ( NN 156/23, – ZID ZDD), which increased the income tax from 70% (309.01 euros) to 140% (618.02 euros) of the budget base. Given that the budget base amounts to 441.44 euros, the right to a child allowance starting from March 1, 2024, will be available to anyone whose total monthly income per household member in 2023 does not exceed the amount of 618.02 euros.

“The question remains how much this increase really contributes to the household budget, if we look at a package of diapers 26 euros, for some 15 to 20 days, it is actually a monthly increase in the allowance,” said Đurđica Mostarčić, vice president of Croatian large families association Obitelji 3plus. She also emphasized that it is good that the number of children eligible for allowances is increasing, the question is how much is sufficient and how much it will contribute to their budget. “Croatian large families association advocates that child allowance should be the right of every child and it is good that the categories have been increased and that there is a fairer redistribution, any increase is welcome. The government emphasized that the goal of the changes is to prevent child poverty, so the question remains how much 39 euros or 49 euros per child per month can be used to combat poverty,” commented Mostarčić.

The show also mentioned the research on the quality of family life, which we conducted in October 2023, which showed that more than 60% of parents do not use the child allowance and that more than 90% of parents believe that it should be 100 euros or more. “If we want to bring children of lower financial status closer to families that don’t have it, then the question is again how successful we will be in that,” Mostarčić emphasizes.

She emphasized the importance of a broader view of families, to consider the way in which the family solves its housing issue and whether the family is renting or taking out a loan or owning real estate. Also, the prenatal supplement which is only for the 3rd and 4th child so if you get the 5th, you can’t get it. She pointed out the inadequacy of the measures and that we are like on the Titanic where we take out water with a glass, if the future is important to us, we need to invest in young families and families with children.

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