Spain: 9 out of 10 large families reject having their “name” deleted in the new Family Law

Spanish Large Families Federations asks the Government to listen to families

Large families reject outright the change of name and concept contained in the draft Family Law that the Government will soon approve: 86%, i.e. 9 out of 10 large families, do not agree with the change of their name to “families with greater needs of support for upbringing”, and 95% defend maintaining the current title that recognises them as families with more children.

This is according to a survey of 9,400 families, carried out by the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) to find out the opinion of families on this modification planned in the law, a measure which, according to the FEFN, would mean the loss of identity of large families as a group of families with more children and their corresponding social recognition.

After the Government announced the imminent passage of the law, the FEFN has conveyed to the Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Bustinduy, the rejection of large families to this issue, and has reminded him that it is a “totally unnecessary” measure that “is not justified by any objective reason within the protective action of the new Family Law”, explains the president of the FEFN, José Manuel Trigo. In his opinion, “eliminating it is gratuitous and would dilute large families when they make a special contribution to society through their children, which should be recognised and supported in a special way”.

The FEFN, which requested a meeting with Pablo Bustinduy as soon as he was appointed head of Social Rights, has reiterated its desire to hold a meeting with him to explain first hand the reasons for the opposition to the change of name, and to ask him to maintain the status and the Card of Large Family, without prejudice to the creation of other different cards for other cases with differentiated needs, respecting the recognition and protection of families with more children, in compensation for the contribution they make to society in the form of human capital.

More than 72,500 signatures already collected

The rejection of the new denomination of “Families with Higher Parental Support Needs” foreseen in the new Family Law was expressed through many other voices and 72,500 signatures of support collected in a campaign launched by the FEFN, which is still open, to demand the maintenance of their denomination and identity as large families. The signatures were delivered a few months ago to the Congress of Deputies, coinciding with the beginning of the parliamentary processing of the law, and accompanied by the request for support from the parliamentary groups, many of which had already expressed their rejection of the law.

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