Spain: Nearly 70,000 people have already signed up for large families to keep their name

Almost 70,000 people have already signed against the planned change in the proposal of a new Family Law, which establishes the suppression of the current Large Family Card, which will be replaced by a new one of “Families with greater need of support for upbringing”, which will include large families and other families with different situations, such as being single-parent or having a disability.

The campaign was launched by the Spanish Federation of Large Families in December, after learning of the draft family law being prepared by the government. The aim of the campaign is to show social rejection of the planned change to the title of large family, which means eliminating the name and also the identity, the concept, of these families, who have a specific law that recognises and protects them for having more children.

The campaign is still open to collect more signatures against the expected change, you can see it by following the link here.

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