Spain: The family law proposal to abolish the large family card falls due to the general elections

The Family Law and the change it was intended to bring about for large families, eliminating its name and reformulating its concept, has been paralysed as a result of the early elections that the Government has had to face after the poor results of the regional and municipal elections of 28 May.

The call for elections on 23 July implies the dissolution of the Cortes and the suspension of the processing of several laws, among them the Family Law. The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) was relieved to hear this news, as it meant paralysing a legislative project with which it did not agree.

The new law proposed the suppression of the Large Families Card and the creation of a broad category of ‘Families with Higher Needs of Parenting Support’, which would include large families, together with other families with special circumstances, such as single parent families, families with disabilities, etc. The FEFN and its associations expressed their total rejection of this change and a few weeks ago delivered more than 72,000 signatures against this modification.

The FEFN trusts that the next Government will make a new Family Law, with support for all families, maintaining some positive measures of this project, such as work permits, but with respect for the identity of large families, which does not eliminate their denomination.

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