Sports Bring Portuguese Families Together

The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN), FMH – Faculty of Human Kinetics, of the University of Lisboa and the FMH Students’ Association organized an exclusive initiative for large families where the aim was to combine family time and physical activity.

The planning of the activities with the families was the responsibility of a group of FMH students, who developed games and leisure moments with the families. Human soccer, dancing and traditional games occupied the morning of more than 24 families, with a total of 125 participants. The initiative took place in May, during what is known as Family Month, and was held at the National Sports Centre in Jamor, near Lisbon.

The event was also attended by two leaders of the German Large Families Association (Verband kinderreicher Familien Deutschland). Karoline Iwersen, responsible for early childhood education, reconciling family and career and promoting sport at the German association, met Ana Cid Gonçalves, secretary general of the APFN in Jamor and observed the Portuguese initiative.

The Portuguese Association of Numerous Families is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and took advantage of the meeting with families in Jamor to celebrate the date.

The APFN represents more than 12,000 families in Portugal and wants to continue its attentive and active stance in defending the rights of large families, within the political community, to ensure greater equity in tax and social security treatment.

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