State Budget 2023 measures are insufficient for Portuguese families

The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) expresses its total disagreement with most of the measures presented in the 2023 State Budget, as they are clearly insufficient to meet the increased burden that disproportionately affects families with three or more children, making them the most vulnerable target to poverty, according to data recently presented by the European Anti-Poverty Network.

The APFN considers as an absolute priority as a measure of social justice: the reduction of VAT on essential goods and services; the increase in the deduction per child, in the IRS, at least by an amount equivalent to that of inflation; changing the method of calculation to a deduction before applying the rate and granting each dependent a deduction equivalent to that for general and family expenses.

The State Budget for 2023 comes in a context of high uncertainty and a deterioration in the economic condition of families, motivated by inflation that has a strong impact on sectors of essential goods and services, but also by the rise in interest rates and increase in benefits associated with the bank credit, and it is on families with children that the impact becomes more significant.

However, the increase in net income provided for in the State Budget is the same, regardless of whether or not there are children and their number. Families with children have, for the same income, a substantially higher level of expenses with essential expenses, with a clear and proven exposure to poverty.

The APFN is available to work with the Portuguese Government and Parliament in clarifying and building models that do not place large families at greater risk of poverty than they are already in.

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