Summer holidays packing day

Casilda Corriles, mother of large family

I normally do it myself, but this year I asked my kids to do it.

After giving instructions on what they needed to pack, this was the result:

  • One packed only swimming suits and tshirts (who needs underwear or pyjamas or shoes).
  • Another one packed for a couple of days, because “mom, I have no clothes”.
  • The last one took the whole wardrobe, winter clothes included.

After they were “done”, I went one by one checking what they had.

Are you going to wear shoes?
What are you going to sleep in?
Do we need this woolen jumper at 40 degrees?
Will one tshirt be enough?

So they went again and packed the rest (or unpacked).

In the end, I only had to help them fold the clothes so they’re wearable when we arrive.

This made me think of delegating and basic things to make it work:

  1. Give clear instructions and check everyone understands them.
  2. Make sure they have the resources to do the job (clothes)
  3. Monitor progress (chase a bit too)
  4. Offer help (folding)
  5. Give a chance to take further actions (pack shoes, pyjamas, underwear)
  6. Celebrate success

The purpose of delegation is not always saving time ourselves, but also teaching others how to do things.

The first few times we might need to spend the same (or more) amount of time as doing it ourselves.

But delegating will help others develop new skills, make them feel good about themselves and hopefully save us time in the future.
(I’ll reconfirm this last one when we pack for the next holiday).

PS: thanks to the wise friend who recommended this method.

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